Microsoft Announces Plan to “Retire” InfoPath

InfoPath is dead, what now?

Microsoft has officially announced that they are “retiring InfoPath and investing in new formsMicrosoft InfoPath technology across SharePoint, Access, and Word.”  Spindustry Training Lead Instructor Jarrod Edge shared his thoughts.

I believe there’s a very small and very dark room at Microsoft headquarters. When an application is no longer needed, no longer wanted, no longer liked or just plain has no value for the future, the application ends up in this room where it can be maintained but not improved or added to anymore. This appears to be the new home of InfoPath.

So what happens to a Forms Story for SharePoint? For now, you can still use InfoPath. InfoPath 2013 and InfoPath Forms Services for SharePoint Server 2013 will be supported until 2023. InfoPath Forms Services in Office 365 will be supported until further notice.

If you want to learn more about the new capabilities, Microsoft is planning to share a sneak peak at the SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas in March. I will be at the SharePoint Conference, waiting in the front row with my Windows 8 phone, ready to tweet the new Forms Story to you! Be sure to follow Spindustry Training on Twitter.