Planning Your 2014 Technical Training Schedule

Download Your Spindustry Training Schedule HereWith the year coming to a close, you are probably thinking about what the year 2014 may bring for your business.  We know goal setting is essential for the organization and for your current and future employees.  It’s important to remember and plan for where technical training will fit into those goals.

There are many advantages to planning your training now for the upcoming year. It allows for:

– Incorporation of training into your 2014 budget

When you consult Spindustry Training and schedule the bulk of your classes for an upcoming year, we are able to provide you with the best bang for your buck.  We’re also able to evaluate your needs and suggest additional classes that can complement your training.

– Implementation of new technology which requires a plan and timeline

Are there new software changes that you are thinking about for the upcoming year? We can help you form a plan to best integrate that technology and ease transition for your employees.

– Creating a custom, private class for your employees

While there is a plethora of classes available at our Des Moines facility, Spindustry Training is also available to cater to your specific training needs with custom, private classes hosted here or at your location depending on the needs and skill levels of your employees.

– Classes created around your schedule

Our class schedules are released quarterly and dependent on feedback from our clients on what classes they want to see planned for different times of the year.  Make sure to check our website for any new or updated classes in our course catalog.  You can also sign up for our email to stay up to date on our class schedule.  We’re also excited to host several live events in 2014 and listen to our instructors as they’ll be featured speakers at various conferences next year.

If you have incorporated Microsoft® software and possess Microsoft Software Assurance Vouchers, this is the time to check their expiration date. Spindustry Training is a Microsoft Silver Learning Solutions Partner, and we can fulfill the training guaranteed from these vouchers.

In looking at your upcoming year’s schedule, Spindustry Training can work with you to plan your technical training for the New Year. When you are ready to discuss your training needs for 2014, contact us today.