3 Tips for Your SharePoint PMIS

If you are currently using SharePoint, or considering using it as your Project Management Information System (PMIS), we have three useful tips on what SharePoint 2013 offers to you.

1. Use the Project Site template. The Project Site template was specifically added for those who are managing and collaborating on a project. Keep in mind, it is just a template. If you choose to, you can modify the template and save a more specific template to make future project sites easier to create.

2. Take advantage of the Project Task and Timeline. I know project managers are well-versed with the concept of a timeline. I will just note that the Timeline feature in SharePoint 2013 is very nice. Note the two images below. One shows the timeline and task that have been added to the timeline. The other image is the same Timeline but it includes items from the calendar for this sub-site.

3. Roll up the Timelines. The best part about the Timeline web part is that it supports viewing (linking to) other sites. So you can create a page of Timelines on a top level site to get a summary of what’s going on in multiple projects. This is a great time saver for those who have to monitor several projects.


The Project Site template and Timeline web part are just a small part of what SharePoint has to offer for a great PMIS. Check back for more tips and tricks on our blog. In the meantime, check out our Project Management courses, SharePoint courses and Class Schedule!