SharePoint 2013 Tips for Visual Studio 2012 Developers

Lead instructor Jarrod Edge shares tips for SharePoint 2013.

So you’re ready to start working with SharePoint 2013 and you’re a Visual Studio 2012 developer.  Now what?  The first item you’ll need is a template or two.


Or perhaps you want to create an App for Office 2013 or an App for SharePoint 2013.


Your first question may be the same as mine was: “Where are my templates for SharePoint 2013?” Here is a link to download the templates you’ll need to get started.

Or you can also click to go to the Downloads page:

From here you will allow the WebPI (Web Platform Installer) to help you install what you need.


Just click install and accept the licenses.  The download takes a while so go grab a snack or read a magazine.


After the download, you will have the all the templates you need.  So, now that you have them installed, you can create a new “App for SharePoint 2013” project or an “App for Office 2013” project with no problem.


If you haven’t created your Developer Site yet, do it today. It’s FREE! Here’s the link.