The Road to Becoming a Spindustry Training Instructor

Zach Eisenhauer headshotWe talk about our courses being taught by live instructors because we know it’s important to our clients.  We value our top Microsoft certified instructors and the quality of the teaching they allow our students to receive.  There are several steps required in order to receive certification and we thought we’d give you an inside look at the process.  Zach Eisenhauer, a Technical Support Specialist for Spindustry Training and sister company Spindustry Digital has decided to take his talent to the teaching stage.  He is currently on the path to becoming a Microsoft Certified Trainer and an instructor for Spindustry Training.

“I discovered I wanted to become an instructor after I began taking the steps to becoming certified,” Zach said. After realizing the kind of ease and natural ability he had for teaching, Zach knew it was a path he was ready to start on. “I knew it would be a great step for my career and would broaden my knowledge of technology,” he explained.

You are required to pass multiple tests in order to become a certified trainer.  After passing your first test, you become a Microsoft Certified Professional, which is a title Zach recently earned after passing his first exam.  After passing three tests, you become a Microsoft Certified Systems Associate. Tack on two more exams and you are named a Microsoft Certified Systems Expert.  Once Zach reaches this level, he will participate in Train the Trainer, where he will be taught by a Microsoft Certified Trainer. After that, Zach can apply to be a Microsoft Certified Trainer.

Zach has come to realize that the live, hands on experience he has received in working for Spindustry Digital and Training, has helped him immensely. “I have hands on experience in many different areas of technology, which is something that has built my confidence in my ability to be an effective instructor.” He is also cognizant of the importance of live learning. “There is a convenience to online training, yet you miss the intimate classroom setting and can become easily disconnected. With live instructor led training, you have someone talking you through the process.”

Are you ready to experience Spindustry Training’s Microsoft Certified Training instructors in a live classroom environment where they will be there to answer questions and deliver the highest level of technical knowledge? If so, contact us today, to discuss our public training courses or private courses that can be tailored to your team.