SharePoint 2013 Review

At Spindustry Training, we want to stay at the forefront of each new technology platformSharePoint instructor that enters the marketplace, as you, our clients, add them to your environment. We’ve seen a continued interest and growth in Microsoft’s SharePoint technology, especially the well-enhanced SharePoint 2013.

Our SharePoint instructor, Jarrod Edge, shares a few thoughts on what he thinks (and loves!) about SharePoint 2013.

The Code Review
How exciting was it to hear Microsoft announce that they went through every line of code in the SharePoint product and made it better? So much so that they improved the speed of the product by 80%. How interesting was it to hear that all they really did was go through and use best practice coding techniques to fix the issue? Very. I’m glad they did go through every stored procedure and every function because you will notice that it is faster.

Easier to design?
I like the new look and feel of SharePoint 2013. My clients like the new look and feel of SharePoint 2013. However, “easier to design” may depend on who you’re asking. The new jQuery-ish look is great, as well as the fading in and out. The fact that Microsoft put so much time into themes is also great. Now my clients, who want a stylish looking site and sub-sites for their team can easily have one by just changing the theme and making modifications to it. Yes, I know you could apply themes before, but the new themes actually look good and you are given more control. And as I said, it’s easy.

Support for iPad and Other Browsers
One nice thing about SharePoint 2013 is that the UI is written in HTML5. As you can see in the picture, my Windows 8 machine and my iPad are viewing the same SharePoint 2013 site and I am enjoying the same look and feel, responsiveness and functionality on each. Don’t get me wrong, I can still tell a difference, but it’s a much improved experience across the platforms. I also love the experience on my Windows 7 phone (I haven’t picked up my Windows 8 phone yet). This feature was important to me and a few of my clients.
SharePoint on devices

Social Enterprise

  • I really like the fact that Yammer will be included and integrated with SharePoint 2013.
  • “My Sites” are better.
  • Profiles (especially synchronization) are better.
  • A new API for working with social feeds. (Developer applause!)
  • Communities are a nice touch.
  • Improved News feeds also very nice.
  • And of course, Social Search. I think it’s a great that an administrator can specify multiple locations where query results should come from. They could, for instance, choose a local SharePoint index and also an Internet search engine at the same time. I like this feature a lot.

Task Management
I think one of the things that bothered me most about the previous version had to create a Task Rollup Web Part to see tasks from multiple sites. I’m really happy to see the improvements in Task Management. See all of your tasks from your My Task screen in your My Site.

Store Development
I’m extremely happy about the SharePoint store and being able to build apps for the store. By the way, if you’re a developer, don’t forget to sign up. I think the official definition of an app for SharePoint 2013 is “a solution that carries a light footprint and uses standards-based technologies such as HTML5, JavaScript and OAuth.” What I like about them is the fact that they do not actually get installed on the server. You can host them almost anywhere, like my new favorite place, Azure! Click here for an excellent overview of Apps.


The Senior Director of SharePoint Project Management, Jared Spataro, is quoted saying “SharePoint is not just a product. It is a way of life.” This way of life translates into all aspects of your company and keeping your business in sync and on task. When looking at to start SharePoint integration, the initial set up can be an intensive process. The trick to utilizing this software to its full potential is making sure you have an efficient and successful set up and that you are educated on its many features and capabilities.

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