Some Things Are Just Better Live

At Spindustry Training, the number one question we receive when we answer our phone is, “Will an instructor be in the same actual room as the students?”  The answer to that is yes.  We believe in a hands-on, interactive classroom environment, one enriched by an instructor with real-world experience who can answer questions and lead you and your team to success.

Our belief is that some things are just better live.  Just like watching 4th of July fireworks or eating a cookie, those experiences wouldn’t feel the same if you weren’t actually a part of the action.  The same is true with technical training.  If you need the instructor to move at a pace you, or your entire staff, is comfortable with, you may not find that experience with virtual training.

What do you gain from live instructor led training?

  • Collaboration between the instructor and students
  • Real-world experience from the instructor
  • Adaptability in curriculum
  • Open dialogue within the class
  • Attention from the instructor
  • Networking opportunities

And by the way, if you take a course in one of training labs, you can expect a warm cookie served to you as an afternoon snack.  Because really, some things are just better live.

What else is better live?  Use the hashtag #LiveIsBetter on Twitter and Facebook to share your favorite live experiences.  Also, be sure to like our Facebook page and LinkedIn company profile and chat with us @SpinTraining to keep up with the latest news and best live experiences from Spindustry Training.