Live vs. Virtual Instructor Led Training

Face-to-face, hands-on, sit and talk through a problem learning is unattainable through a computer screen.  Despite the expansive amount of online training courses available and the spike it saw in recent years virtual learning can’t replace the environment of live, instructor led training.  Not only have our clients told us they want private courses tailored to their specific workforce, they want an instructor actually present in the room, leading the conversation and helping employees through technology problems they’re facing.  This sentiment has been echoed nationwide.

In a study published in Bloomberg Business Week, top companies were surveyed on how their employees were meeting sales goals and what training helped them achieve those goals.  Of the companies with the top sales numbers, 72% of them agree that a live instructor led training program is one of the best ways to train their employees. Live instructor led training was preferred over virtual training, on-the-job training and one-on-one coaching.  Companies saw that during live instructor led training there was much higher engagement and interaction with fellow employees. 

In addition to current employees, those college graduates just entering the workforce are not getting the training they expect and need to be successful.  According to Fortune, 77% of those graduates entering the workforce anticipate receiving official job training, yet only 48% of that same pool from 2011 and 2012 are receiving it. This is where live instructor led training may be beneficial in targeting new employees. Private, customized training courses are tailored to the skill level of the course participants.  Establishing a process to train new and seasoned employees on various technologies should be a part of your organizational plan.  Training is important to employee retention.  Katherine LaVelle, a managing director in Accenture’s talent and organization practice, said “trained employees ‘don’t quit as quickly.’”

Companies like Enterprise invest at least eight months of training for their new managers, and they see the return on investment through that employee retention and the “great ambassadors for our brand,” according to Marie Artim, Vice President for Talent Acquisition. The right training can help your staff grow and build a united front on the ultimate goals they are setting out to achieve.

With constantly changing technology, a customized training program for your company by a live instructor will benefit many aspects of your businesses and ensure that your employees are reaching their full potential. Check out Spindustry Training’s list of classes to see the subject matters offered.  If you’re ready to discuss customizing any of these courses for your workforce by a live instructor, contact us today.